Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Class of 2017 Goes "Back to Their Roots"

The VUHS Class of 2017 spent the morning of Friday June 9th going back to their elementary schools to celebrate their 13 years of education (K-12) back where it all started.

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Lee Shorey and 23 FCS seniors came back to “Run Through the Halls” one final time. They also shared their future plans and their successes in high school. They presented a check to FCS for a thousand dollars to help increase student voice from their May Walkathon. They also presented Mrs. Lawrence with a heart shaped stone they found when they were in 6th grade. At the end of the assembly they gave Annie Cohn a group hug for all she has done for the school.

Students also opened their time capsule which contained notes, tee-shirts and a video. Then they visited classes to talk with favorite teachers and answer questions for the FCS students. Of course some grads had "fond" memories of the office. - Beth Brodie, FCS Principal

Seniors came to our building today. Traditions are invented and good ones continue. The advent of returning to your roots started a while ago here in Vergennes and continued today. Students came to see where they started their public school journey. Some saw the teachers they had, the spaces where they learned, and visited the lunch room where they may have tried kumquats or stroganoff for the first time.

These seniors attended here before they joined math team, sang in the play for a packed house, played a single minute of varsity, ran a leg of a 4 x 400, took a final, passed their driving test, wrote a play, spoke in a national oratorical competition, had a job or thought too much about their future. They did come back here today, to remember some pieces of their past. In order to see really where we are, to appreciate the lengths of our successes, we must recall the roots from which our branches sprang.

They came in blue and wore robes and mortar boards. They talked about their memories, they discussed their future, and most importantly they let students know that this place, this little nook, in a tiny state is indeed precious and worthy. We appreciate that students came here to remember, but we very much appreciate that they inspired greatness in our students. Thanks and good luck to the VUHS class of 2017. - Matthew DeBlois, Principal

Today as a school, we were privileged to host “Back to Our Roots” and welcome back Addison Central’s graduating senior class of 2017. During their visit they shared their goals as they embark on their next adventure after graduation. They also were able to reflect on their time at ACS and share memories of their time here. - Travis Park, Principal

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  1. Awesomeness! I love "Back to Our Roots". Thank you for doing it Ms Shorey and all.