Tuesday, November 15, 2016

8th Grade VUHS Student to Participate in the Vermont State Legislature Page Program

Congratulations to Summer Chabot! She has been selected for the Vermont State Legislature Page Program. She will spend six weeks in April and May working with our legislators and learning about the legislative process. We are proud to have Summer representing VUHS in Montpelier.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Sugarbush Student Achievement Program Recognizes VUHS High Honors Students

Each year Sugarbush Resort offers VUHS students a season pass to ski or ride at their resort. This offer is based upon academic achievement from the previous year. To be eligible a student must achieve High Honors for three marking periods in the previous academic year. Students are eligible when they are in grades 10-12. Packets were distributed to students by Principal Stephanie Taylor on Friday, November 11. This year 27 students from VUHS were awarded a packet from Sugarbush and can ski or ride for free this winter. Congratulations to all! Keep up the good work! Ally Atkins, Lance Bergmans, Anneke Boelens, Leigah Burbo, Lillian Clark, Kylie Comeau, Brandon Cousino, Norah Deming, Bess Gramling, Nora Hatch, Marin Howell, Emily Jackson, Kristina Jochum, Caroline Johnston, Eva Kamman, Sadie Kass, Erin Lawrence, Ezekiel Palmer, Hannah Philbrook, Shay Pouliot, Dylan Rapoport, Lianna Sargent-Maher, Lauren Scott, Madeline Smith, Megan Tarte, Carter Visicaro, Cedar Winslow

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Commodore Community Project - Peer Prevention Group Focuses on Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week - a time to focus on the prevention of drug and alcohol use among teens.

Commodore Community Project - Peer Prevention Group - a group of high school students dedicating their time to learn and educate others about healthy life choices.

One day the group focused on encouraging peers to identify their natural highs that make them feel good and help them stay away from drug and alcohol use. See a couple pictures below from the day. Visit naturalhigh.org to see some videos about role models and their focus on natural highs.

Thanks CCP-PPG!