Friday, October 13, 2017

VUHS Teacher of the Year

Sue O'Daniel has been giving her heart and soul to the music department, the individual musicians and to the VUHS community for 39 years. She has cultivated a strong and influential music program for all to be proud of and one that students are thriving in as is evidenced by their award winning performances.  She has been an outstanding mentor and role model for students and a  model veteran teacher for peers, bringing infectious enthusiasm and energy to the music program and to the VUHS community. As one of her students put it, “She deserves this award because she inspires her students to be the best that they can be, and because she teaches her students how to be good musicians as well as being good people.” Sue attend an awards ceremony on Thursday October 12th with Principal Stephanie Taylor at UVM. Congratulations Sue! Our VUHS community is blessed to have you.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

VUHS Sophomore Wins NRA Shooting Championship

Congratulations to Michael Davis
The National Rifle Association World Shooting Championships were held earlier in September and consist of 12 different styles of shooting. Examples are one handed precision pistol, long range, tactical shooting, and western style. They are designed to be the hardest they can be. There were 325 total shooters from around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, and the United States. Michael placed 63 overall, and for the junior category (ages 12-17) he placed 1st. He is the NRA Junior World Champion. Congratulations Michael!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

VUHS Teacher Receives Regional Honor

Allison Mahoney, our newest teacher in the VUHS English Dept, has been selected from among candidates across New England as the 2017 recipient of the Marion Gleason Most Promising New Teacher Award by the New England Association of Teachers of English (NEATE).

The Marian Gleason Award, which is presented annually at the NEATE Fall Conference, goes to a teacher with one to three years’ full-time experience teaching English/Language Arts who exhibits the following qualities: extensive knowledge of his or her discipline, interest in and concern for students and the ability to challenge and motivate them, and involvement in professional organizations and/or staff development.

Congratulations Allison! A well-deserved honor. We are fortunate to have you working with our VUHS students.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Class of 2017 Goes "Back to Their Roots"

The VUHS Class of 2017 spent the morning of Friday June 9th going back to their elementary schools to celebrate their 13 years of education (K-12) back where it all started.

Check out pictures here.

Lee Shorey and 23 FCS seniors came back to “Run Through the Halls” one final time. They also shared their future plans and their successes in high school. They presented a check to FCS for a thousand dollars to help increase student voice from their May Walkathon. They also presented Mrs. Lawrence with a heart shaped stone they found when they were in 6th grade. At the end of the assembly they gave Annie Cohn a group hug for all she has done for the school.

Students also opened their time capsule which contained notes, tee-shirts and a video. Then they visited classes to talk with favorite teachers and answer questions for the FCS students. Of course some grads had "fond" memories of the office. - Beth Brodie, FCS Principal

Seniors came to our building today. Traditions are invented and good ones continue. The advent of returning to your roots started a while ago here in Vergennes and continued today. Students came to see where they started their public school journey. Some saw the teachers they had, the spaces where they learned, and visited the lunch room where they may have tried kumquats or stroganoff for the first time.

These seniors attended here before they joined math team, sang in the play for a packed house, played a single minute of varsity, ran a leg of a 4 x 400, took a final, passed their driving test, wrote a play, spoke in a national oratorical competition, had a job or thought too much about their future. They did come back here today, to remember some pieces of their past. In order to see really where we are, to appreciate the lengths of our successes, we must recall the roots from which our branches sprang.

They came in blue and wore robes and mortar boards. They talked about their memories, they discussed their future, and most importantly they let students know that this place, this little nook, in a tiny state is indeed precious and worthy. We appreciate that students came here to remember, but we very much appreciate that they inspired greatness in our students. Thanks and good luck to the VUHS class of 2017. - Matthew DeBlois, Principal

Today as a school, we were privileged to host “Back to Our Roots” and welcome back Addison Central’s graduating senior class of 2017. During their visit they shared their goals as they embark on their next adventure after graduation. They also were able to reflect on their time at ACS and share memories of their time here. - Travis Park, Principal

Friday, June 9, 2017

Class of 2017 Celebrates Senior Awards Night

On Wednesday June 7, 2017 the VUHS Class of 2017 was honored with numerous awards. You can view the program on the VUHS guidance webpage which includes the awards and recipients. All students in the class were honored and recognized by their morning meeting advisor during the evening as well. Advisors shared accolades, fond memories, and thank you's of each student they have come to know over the last four years. The evening ended with a video of senior pictures, including baby pictures. It was a wonderful celebration. We wish all the best to our newest graduates.

Monday, May 22, 2017

VUHS Students at New England Young Writers' Conference

Congratulations to the New England Young Writers' Conference attendees! We had a great weekend, and our students represented Vergennes with distinction. Please give an extra pat on the back to Aliya Hugo and Wade Mullin, both of whom were chosen by their writing groups to read their work at the final celebration: a great honor for both of them.

Monday, May 15, 2017

VUHS Student Earns State Math Honor

Congratulations to Kai Williams who was honored on Thursday, May 4th for earning the 3rd top score in the 2016-17 Mathematics Talent Search sponsored by the Vermont State Mathematics Coalition. He was invited to a dinner, presented one of his solutions to a problem, and received a book award and graphing calculator. Congratulations Kai for earning this honor!